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Black Gold Marble XL Teapot Tea Set

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This tea set will brew up to 800ml of tea at a time, for tea service for up to four.

How do I brew tea Western style?

Please review our Western style brewing guide here. 

What is the difference between western and Gong Fu brewing?

Gong Fu brewing uses more tea leaves and less steeping time. Using the Western method, oolong tea is brewed at 2 grams for 1-5 minutes. Using Gong Fu method, oolong tea is brewed at 5 grams for 10 seconds. 

What are the different methods to brew tea?

Western brewing is an easy and efficient way to brew tea in a larger quantity at a time. Western brewing can be great for those that prefer to enjoy a large cup of tea by their side, often in conjunction with another activity such as reading a book or working at a desk. Cold brewing is easy and results in delicious tea. Find out more here.