Golden Life Tea

Jasmine Green Tea

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Ingredients: Green tea, jasmine.

Jasmine Green tea is delicate, but rich in flavor. Golden Life Tea uses 30% more jasmine flowers than the average blend of jasmine tea. Our green tea is fresh picked in small batches and roasted slowly to preserve the structure of individual tea leaves. Jasmine Green tea is ideal for those who enjoy aromatic teas.

Flavor Profile: Bright and clean, floral. 

Try This: Hot or iced

Brewing Instructions:

1. Measure: 5g of green tea per 100ml of water.

2. Prepare water: for Jasmine Green Tea at 100°C / 212°F

3. "Wake up" tea leaves: Saturate tea with water for a few seconds, allowing leaves to unfurl. Discard water. 

4. Steep: for 10 seconds. Pour out half the pot at a time, keeping pot half full between brews.

5. Brew again: up to 5 times. Add several more seconds per brew after the third brew.