How to Brew Golden Life Tea:

Traditionally, Chinese loose teas are brewed using the Gong Fu method. Gong Fu means: to complete with skill.
Golden Life Teas are made to be brewed using this traditional method.
Using our method of brewing, you will activate the true flavor, aroma, and quality of each leaf, as intended by the tea artisan.

Step 1: Measure

Remove loose tea from airtight container using a tea scoop. This will prevent contamination.

For an accurate measurement, you may use a kitchen scale.

     Loose tea recommended per 100ml pot:

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Step 2: Prepare Water

Golden Life Tea recommends using distilled water for brewing.

Brewing at the correct temperature per type of tea will benefit the aroma and flavor, creating a better brew.

     Brewing temperature recommended per 100ml pot:

Green85°C / 185°F
Black/Red100°C / 212°F
Oolong90°C / 194°F
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Step 3: Wake Up

Fully saturate all tea leaves with hot water in the pot or Gaiwan, then immediately discard all water. This will allow the leaves to unfurl and loosen.

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Step 4: Steep

Pour water slowly, from the outer edge inward in a circular motion. Make sure to pour out all tea before steeping the next brew, unless otherwise noted.    

     Steeping time recommended per 100ml pot:

Green10 Seconds
Keep pot half full between brews.
Black/Red5 Seconds
Oolong10 Seconds
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Step 5: Brew Again

Fine teas can be brewed repeatedly. Please note, add several more seconds per brew after the third brew using the same leaves.    

      Amount of brews possible per 100ml pot:

Green5 Times
Black/Red7 Times
Oolong7 Times
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Step-by-Step Guide

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