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Stainless Steel Ball Tea Infuser Wand

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Enjoy steeping tea Gong Fu style using this stainless steel infuser.

How to use:

This infuser is easy to fill and empty, making it ideal for longer tea sessions as well as short sessions. This infuser allows for the tea to be easily infused and removed from the cup, which makes it ideal for Gong Fu brewing in which tea is meant to be brewed for only a few seconds at a time. 

What is the difference between western and Gong Fu brewing?

Gong Fu brewing uses more tea leaves and less steeping time. Using the Western method, oolong tea is brewed at 2 grams for 1-5 minutes. Using Gong Fu method, oolong tea is brewed at 5 grams for 10 seconds. 

Why Gong Fu brewing?

Gong Fu brewing will deliver a tea's true flavor. Many fine teas have beautiful, layered flavor that can only emerge when brewed Gong Fu style. Find out more here.