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Rose Black Tea

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Ingredients: Black tea, rose

In creating Rose Black Tea, black tea is processed together with fresh rose petals, instead of the common method of blending dried rose with processed tea. This allows oils and nutrients from the rose petals to permeate and infuse into each tea leaf, creating perfectly balanced, aromatic flavor. The result is a brilliantly blended fine tea with no added artificial flavor. Rose Black Tea is deeply aromatic, flavorful, and rich in nutrients. 

Flavor Profile: Bold and smooth, floral. Slight sweet aftertaste.

Try This: Hot or as a Milk Tea

Steeping Instructions:

Brewing Instructions:

1. Measure: 4g of black tea per 100ml of water.

2. Prepare water: for Rose Black Tea at 100°C / 212°F

3. "Wake up" tea leaves: Saturate tea with water for a few seconds, allowing leaves to unfurl. Discard water. 

4. Steep: for 5 seconds. Pour out all tea between brews.

5. Brew again: up to 7 times. Add several more seconds per brew after the third brew.