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Ruby Black Tea

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Ingredients: Black tea

Ruby Black tea is unsweetened, yet incredibly sweet. There are no natural or artificial sweetener added to the tea leaves. The natural sweet flavor and aroma of Ruby Black tea comes from a unique process in which hopper insects, Jacobiasca formosana, bite the tea leaves. The chemicals glucoside and primrose glycoside released during the healing process will create a natural honey and ripe fruit flavor. The color of this tea is a bright, clear golden red.

Flavor Profile: Honey, ripened fruit  

Try This: Hot, cold, or as a milk tea  

Brewing Instructions:

1. Measure: 4g of black tea per 100ml of water.

2. Prepare water: for Ruby Black Tea at 100°C / 212°F

3. "Wake up" tea leaves: Saturate tea with water for a few seconds, allowing leaves to unfurl. Discard water. 

4. Steep: for 5 seconds. Pour out all tea between brews.

5. Brew again: up to 7 times. Add several more seconds per brew after the third brew.